AROG Pharmaceuticals enters into agreement with Pfizer to acquire the rights to CP-868596

May 03, 2010 AROG Pharmaceuticals LLC announced today that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Pfizer Inc. to acquire the worldwide rights to CP-868596 (Crenolanib), a small molecule inhibitor of PDGFr (Platelet Derived Growth Factor receptor), and plans to continue development of the agent in oncology indications.
CP-868596 (Crenolanib) was originally developed by Pfizer in partnership with OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc. AROG, located in Dallas Texas, is a new oncology-based drug development company which was formed primarily to acquire and develop CP-868596 (Crenolanib).

The agreement includes an upfront payment along with potential future milestones and royalties. AROG acquired full rights to develop the compound for all human and animal therapeutic, prophylactic, and diagnostic uses.

The initial development of CP-868596 (Crenolanib) will be in tumors with limited current treatment options such as pediatric pontine gliomas that have amplification of the PDGFr-a gene as well as subsets if gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) with activating mutations of PDGFr-a gene that are insensitive to currently available tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Other areas of potential development include overcoming endocrine resistance in patients with luminal B breast cancers.

We believe that there could potentially be great promise in this small molecule inhibitor for a cancer patients whose cancer may not respond to currently available therapeutic modalities, says Dr. Vinay Jain, CEO of AROG Pharmaceuticals.

About AROG Pharmaceutials LLC :

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